About FloridaWC

Who we are…

FloridaWC.com is a website that provides business owners with information and resources to understand their Florida workers’ compensation insurance policy. Business owners also have the ability to request a quote on their workers’ comp policy and can also find the answer to any question related to this type of insurance.

FloridaWC.com has the ability to provide quotes from multiple insurance companies. Since the rates in Florida are set by the government and most insurance agencies represent the same insurance companies, the main factor in choosing an insurance agency to handle your policies is the quality of service you receive as a client. We take this very seriously at FloridaWC.com and look forward to earning your trust through our response time, friendly environment, knowledge of insurance products, and dedication to the businesses we serve.

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Background in Workers’ Compensation

We have a broad background in workers compensation insurance from all sides of the industry. Our goal in creating this website is to share some of that experience and expertise with businesses that deal with Florida workers’ compensation insurance.

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Workers’ Compensation Premium Audits

As a value-added service, FloridaWC.com has the ability to audit your workers’ compensation premium breakdown in an effort to find savings. We discovered that many businesses across Florida are overpaying on their insurance due to mistakes within their premium calculations. We will overview your business’ policy and pick up some of the 10 most common mistakes.

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Workers’ Compensation Questions

As an additional service to business owners dealing with the complicated Florida workers’ compensation insurance policies, FloridaWC.com has a form to ask questions and we will find the answer for you and post a copy on our website as a resource for other business owners.

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