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Martin Summers

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This website, FloridaWC.com, is operated by Black Bear Insurance Agency. The agents at Black Bear created this website to be a resource for business owners on Florida workers compensation insurance. Black Bear Insurance Agency enjoys a long and varied history in the workers compensation business; not only from its retail agency experience, but from the experience of its parent company, Protegrity Holdings.

Protegrity Holdings began its independent journey in the workers compensation business in 2000 as a private buyout from Humana Inc; a leading company in the group health insurance business. One of the companies included within Protegrity Holdings was Protegrity Services; the successor company to Humana Workers Compensation Services (HWCS); a workers compensation services company.

Protegrity Services emerged as a leading workers compensation service provider of managed care, third party administration and managing general agency services serving thousands of employers across the United States. In 2001, Protegrity decided to change its portfolio of business products and expand into more diverse operations. A significant business decision by Protegrity Services during this time was to open the retail insurance agency business with Black Bear Insurance Agency.

Protegrity also exited over time the workers compensation managing general agency business. Protegrity Services was able to successfully and smoothly migrate over $175 million of premium to new insurers throughout the United States, but primarily in Florida. Under its managed care operations it owned and operated workers compensation medical provider networks in several states. These networks were subsequently sold to Rockport Healthcare Group that continues to ensure quality services to Protegrity Services’ various clients.

Protegrity Services continues to provide workers compensation third party administration services to select clients and this claims expertise is available to all of Black Bear Insurance Agency clients.

In addition to these business ventures, Protegrity Holdings began three other insurance services business ventures; NuQuest Resources, BridgePointe, and Pivotal Risk Management Services in 2002. NuQuest Resources became an industry leader in the emerging Medicare Set-Aside business while BridgePointe became a financial management company assisting individuals with managing their workers compensation settlements. In 2005 these two organizations were then purchased by Brown & Brown Insurance Agency. Pivotal Risk Management Services provided loss control services to clients throughout the southeast United States. This company was sold in 2006 to its CEO.

In 2007 Protegrity Properties was established as an entry point into the commercial real estate business. This company manages over 135,000 sq. ft of owned commercial office space and other real estate investments.

As you can see, Black Bear Insurance Agency has considerable expertise in a variety of business ventures that allows us as an agency to better understand your insurance needs. Our background in workers compensation insurance from all sides of the industry gives the organization a unique viewpoint and understanding of the industry. This website was added to our list of value-added services as a natural way to share this expertise with businesses that deal with Florida workers’ compensation insurance.

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