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Workers Compensation Terms

Glossary of terms and definitions for workers’ compensation insurance coverage in Florida and other states. If you have questions regarding the use of a work comp term, please do not hesitate to contact the FloridaWC insurance agents.

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Reasons To Understand Experience Mods

The experience rating system can be somewhat complex. But, through an understanding of the mod formula and the data that goes into the mod, you can better control your mod, reduce costs, and gain insight into your company’s operations. Workers’ compensation insurance costs can be several hundred dollars per employee. For a company that is […]

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Return To Work: 5 Steps For Employers

1) Clarify Medical Status Contact your claims examiner or the doctor to determine what exactly are the employee’s medical needs and medical restrictions. Does the employee have temporary restrictions that prevent performance of the regular work duties? 2) Evaluate Your Work Processes “Think Task, Not Job” Although many of your current “jobs” may require tasks […]

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