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Changes to Florida Workers Comp Exemptions

Starting July 1, 2012, the process to apply for an exemption from workers’ compensation insurance will be completely on-line via the Division of Workers’ Compensation’s website. This will apply to the renewal of an existing exemption, too. There will be several changes with the new on-line process: Exemption applications will no longer have to be […]

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Workers Compensation Terms

Glossary of terms and definitions for workers’ compensation insurance coverage in Florida and other states. If you have questions regarding the use of a work comp term, please do not hesitate to contact the FloridaWC insurance agents.

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Reasons To Understand Experience Mods

The experience rating system can be somewhat complex. But, through an understanding of the mod formula and the data that goes into the mod, you can better control your mod, reduce costs, and gain insight into your company’s operations. Workers’ compensation insurance costs can be several hundred dollars per employee. For a company that is […]

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Video: Workers Comp Policy & Florida Law

Short video explaining how the workers’ compensation policy documents in Florida are so short because they reference the Florida 440 Statutes dictating how the insurance will respond in a workers comp claim.

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Return-To-Work Programs

An employer’s involvement in workers’ compensation is extremely important. This involvement takes many different forms. However, the most important involvement begins when the treating doctor releases the injured employee to return to work in some type of modified work or employment without limitation. Only the employer can make a difference as to whether or not […]

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Workers Comp Exemption Details

Corporate officers, other than those in the construction industry, who elect to be exempt from coverage, must file a form to be described by the Division. The election takes effect 30 days after filing. This election may be revoked at any time by filing notice of the officer’s desire to again be covered. Notice of […]

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Retrospectively Rated Workers Comp Insurance Plan

Under the standard insurance plans issued in the market place, the insurance company will look at your past losses, amounts of your payroll, the type of business you are involved with and attempt to predict what your premium payment should be. In its simplest form, if the carrier correctly “guesses” what your losses will be […]

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Common Workers Comp Questions

This information is provided by FUBA Workers Comp in their handout entitled A Contractor’s Guide To Workers’ Compensation. I thought this valuable information was worth sharing with our readers: What workers’ comp requirements must I follow as a contractor? Florida law requires you to have an active workers’ comp policy or an exemption from workers’ […]

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Florida Workers’ Compensation Insurance Guaranty Association

When a workers comp insurance carrier in the state of Florida becomes insolvent, the Florida Workers’ Compensation Insurance Guaranty Association (FWCIGA) evaluates the claims and pays benefits to the injured employees. Fees are assessed from other insurance carriers and self-insured funds throughout the state.

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Dividend Plans

Dividend Plans are an excellent way for Florida businesses to reduce their costs associated with workers’ compensation insurance premium. There are two primary types of dividends, Flat and Sliding Scale. This article provides more information about these programs.

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