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How Long Do Claims Affect Your Mod?

The “experience rating” period is three policy years, excluding the most recent policy year.

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Workers Comp Claims are Lasting Longer

The average duration of workers compensation temporary total disability claims benefits increased during the first half of 2011 in correlation with the struggling economy, according to a study by NCCI Holdings Inc.

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Return To Work: 5 Steps For Employers

1) Clarify Medical Status Contact your claims examiner or the doctor to determine what exactly are the employee’s medical needs and medical restrictions. Does the employee have temporary restrictions that prevent performance of the regular work duties? 2) Evaluate Your Work Processes “Think Task, Not Job” Although many of your current “jobs” may require tasks […]

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Rising Medical Costs Caused Increased Florida Workers Comp Rates

A report on Florida’s workers compensation program says costs rose over a five-year period after reforms in 2003 drove those costs down by 20 percent. A study by the Workers Compensation Research Institute titled “CompScope Benchmarks for Florida, 12th edition” says the market showed signs of growth from 2005 to 2009 following reforms in 2003. […]

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Details of Return-to-Work Programs

The actual process of returning an injured employee to work begins when the physician releases the employee. Frequently, the physician only provides the insurance provider or the employer with the return-to-work date. Written clarification to the employee of the return-to-work date must be made by the carrier/employer. When the verification has been sent on when […]

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Return-To-Work Programs

An employer’s involvement in workers’ compensation is extremely important. This involvement takes many different forms. However, the most important involvement begins when the treating doctor releases the injured employee to return to work in some type of modified work or employment without limitation. Only the employer can make a difference as to whether or not […]

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Workers Comp Waiver of Subrogation

Subrogation is your right (and therefore your insurance carrier’s right) to recover the cost of a paid claim if the loss was caused by that third party. Many workers’ compensation claims occur due to negligence of somebody outside of your business and your insurance carrier could choose to sue that person or entity to recover […]

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Employee Injuries & Workers Comp

Under Florida law, workers’ compensation insurance covers all accidental injuries and occupational diseases arising out of and in the course and scope of employment. This includes diseases or infections resulting from such injuries. Workers’ compensation insurance also covers death resulting from such injuries within specified periods of time. Even if you do not think an […]

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