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2013 Workers Comp Rate Changes for Specific Class Codes

Workers comp class codes are used to group employees and determine workers compensation premiums. Here is a list of 150 of the most commonly used class codes in Florida and their exact rates for 2012 and 2013.

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Introduction to Workers Comp Premium

The cost of workers compensation insurance is based on the payroll of a business and the risk of the job duties for those employees. This article gives an introduction to understanding this process of calculating the manual premium.

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Landscaping Class Codes 0042 & 9102

Workers’ compensation insurance in Florida and roughly 40 other states, use a classification code system designed by the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) to rate insurance premiums differently for groups of employees. There are roughly 600 class codes, and the two main codes used for employees in the landscaping industry are 0042 and 9102. […]

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Painting Classification Codes

There are few classification codes for employees of painting businesses depending on the type of work performed by those employees. They are listed below along with the rates for each: 5474 – This classification code is the general painting classification. It contemplates exterior and interior painting of residential or commercial structures that are constructed of […]

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Restaurant Classification Codes

There are four main classification codes used to categorize restaurant employees for workers’ compensation exposures in Florida. Caterers can be assigned to the appropriate restaurant classification based on the nature of their operations and depending on which classification they are most similar to when they serve the food at the client’s location. 9058 – This […]

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Janitorial Classification Codes

There are two primary classification codes used for janitorial businesses in the state of Florida: 9014 – This classification code is assigned to businesses primarily engaged in providing janitorial services for others that does not include window cleaning above ground level. Janitorial services are defined as keeping a building clean by routine dusting, mopping, vacuuming, […]

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Carpentry Classification Codes

There are five classification codes used for the workers compensation policies of carpentry businesses in Florida: 2802 – This classification is applicable to businesses whose operations consist of the manufacture and/or assembly of wood products in a shop. The products manufactured typically will not require a high degree of finishing work. If an insured engages […]

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Construction Industry Classification Codes

In the definition of businesses required to carry Florida workers’ compensation insurance, there is a distinction in the requirement for workers’ compensation insurance between businesses in construction and those that are not. For administration purposes the definition of “construction industry” in the Florida Statutes means those employers whose operations include and/or are best described by […]

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