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Stop-Work Orders For Workers Comp

Workers compensation insurance is required by state laws for most Florida business owners. If a business does not purchase the insurance coverage, they can be issued a “stop-work order” by the Florida Division of Workers’ Compensation. Read more about this…

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2011 Florida Workers Comp Report

The Florida Division of Workers’ Compensation Insurance presents their Annual Report with detailed information about their duties and successes during the past fiscal year. Read more here…

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10 Indicators of Workers Comp Fraud

There are 10 primary signs surrounding a workers comp claim that often point to fraudulent activity. Detecting workers compensation insurance fraud is an important cost saving measure for all business owners. Learn more about doing so in this article.

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Arrests for Florida Workers Comp Fraud

As part of a statewide crackdown on identity theft and workers’ compensation fraud, Florida Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater announced yesterday the arrests of three Lake Worth men for using stolen social security numbers to fraudulently gain employment. Investigations continue into the possible fraudulent use of the same social security numbers by other individuals across […]

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Understanding Work Comp Insurance Fraud

Business owners that purchase workers compensation insurance should be on the lookout for employee/claimant fraud and understand the importance of reducing this throughout the state of Florida. There are also three ways employers commit workers comp fraud and there is an estimated 6 billion paid each year as a result of all workers compensation fraud.

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Failure to Purchase Workers Compensation Insurance

If an employer fails to purchase workers’ compensation coverage and comply with the law, then an injured employee may sue the employer for the benefits required under the Workers Comp Law or may bring a tort action against the employer. In a tort action, the employee would have the possibility of recovering substantially more than is provided under the workers comp law. Many of the employer’s rights of defense will be waived during the lawsuit.

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Reporting Workers Comp Fraud

Question: If I suspect a business should have workers’ compensation insurance coverage, but it does not, or if I suspect fraudulent activity in a workers’ compensation claim, where do I report this? Suspected workers’ compensation fraud can be reported directly to the: Department of Financial Services Bureau of Workers’ Compensation Fraud 200 E. Gadsden Street, […]

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