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Florida Unemployment Tax has a new name

Over the next few months, the Florida Department of Revenue will be changing all references to Florida’s “unemployment tax” to “reemployment tax.” A bill approved by the Florida Legislature in this year’s Session changed the name of Florida’s Unemployment Compensation Law to the Reemployment Assistance Program Law and directed the focus of the program towards […]

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Changes to Florida Workers Comp Exemptions

Starting July 1, 2012, the process to apply for an exemption from workers’ compensation insurance will be completely on-line via the Division of Workers’ Compensation’s website. This will apply to the renewal of an existing exemption, too. There will be several changes with the new on-line process: Exemption applications will no longer have to be […]

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Florida WC History: 1950s – 1970s

After the establishment of workers’ compensation law in 1935, Florida made significant changes to the workers comp system during the 1950’s and through the 1970’s. Read more about this early history here…

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Beginnings Of Workers Comp In Florida

Workers’ compensation is dictated by state governments and each one has its own variation of workers’ compensation laws. The Florida legislature enacted the first workers comp act in 1935. Read more here…

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Video: Workers Comp Policy & Florida Law

Short video explaining how the workers’ compensation policy documents in Florida are so short because they reference the Florida 440 Statutes dictating how the insurance will respond in a workers comp claim.

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Stop-Work Orders For Workers Comp

Workers compensation insurance is required by state laws for most Florida business owners. If a business does not purchase the insurance coverage, they can be issued a “stop-work order” by the Florida Division of Workers’ Compensation. Read more about this…

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Videos: Statute of Limitations

The statute of limitations is an important aspect of workers’ compensation claims for Florida employers to understand. It limits the time after an accident that an injured employee can report a workplace injury. It also limits the amount of time a injured worker can be paid if they haven’t received benefits in more than a […]

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Workers Comp Exemption Details

Corporate officers, other than those in the construction industry, who elect to be exempt from coverage, must file a form to be described by the Division. The election takes effect 30 days after filing. This election may be revoked at any time by filing notice of the officer’s desire to again be covered. Notice of […]

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General Section – Workers Comp Policy

Workers compensation coverage is the only insurance policy whose terms are not described in the policy, but are defined in the state statutes. As an employer, it is still very important to have accurate details on the information page of the policy. The next section of the policy is the General Section and the terms […]

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Workers Comp Statute Of Limitations

Florida employers can protect their business from delayed workers’ compensation claims by informing employees of their obligations in the statute of limitations. Workers Comp Attorney, Michael Rabinowitz, explains this statute in the article and provides practical tips for employers.

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