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2013 Changes to Experience Mods

The Experience Rating Plan for computing workers’ compensation rates was developed by NCCI in the 1940’s. In its long history, the experience mod calculation formula has not changed very often and hasn’t had a formula change since 1998. There will be a major change to experience mods on January 1st, 2013. The experience rating plan […]

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Verifying NCCI Mod Calculation

The initial step in controlling your mod is verifying that the information on it is correct. There are two types of data in your mod calculation: loss data and payroll data. The majority of incorrect mods that are issued are incorrect due to erroneous data.

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How Long Do Claims Affect Your Mod?

The “experience rating” period is three policy years, excluding the most recent policy year.

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Reasons To Understand Experience Mods

The experience rating system can be somewhat complex. But, through an understanding of the mod formula and the data that goes into the mod, you can better control your mod, reduce costs, and gain insight into your company’s operations. Workers’ compensation insurance costs can be several hundred dollars per employee. For a company that is […]

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Proposed Changes to Experience Mod Calculations

NCCI has proposed changing the primary loss cap that is used to modify workers comp rates for employers based on their claims. This will be the first such change in 25 years. The anticipated change (if approved) is expected to more than triple the current cap by 2015.

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Purpose Of Experience Mods

This article describes the purpose of using individual experience mods and the experience rating process in Florida’s workers compensation system. Experience modification factors directly impact the premium a business spends on this line of insurance.

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How Experience Mods Affect Your Premium

Insurance carriers use experience ratings to calculate premium. If your business has had a higher-than-average rate of injury or illness, the words “experience modification” probably sound like nails on a chalkboard. If you don’t know what an experience modification is or how to influence it, keep reading! It is an important factor affecting your insurance […]

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