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Stop-Work Orders For Workers Comp

Workers compensation insurance is required by state laws for most Florida business owners. If a business does not purchase the insurance coverage, they can be issued a “stop-work order” by the Florida Division of Workers’ Compensation. Read more about this…

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Retrospectively Rated Workers Comp Insurance Plan

Under the standard insurance plans issued in the market place, the insurance company will look at your past losses, amounts of your payroll, the type of business you are involved with and attempt to predict what your premium payment should be. In its simplest form, if the carrier correctly “guesses” what your losses will be […]

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Introduction to Workers Comp Premium

The cost of workers compensation insurance is based on the payroll of a business and the risk of the job duties for those employees. This article gives an introduction to understanding this process of calculating the manual premium.

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Workers Comp Standard Discounts

Many Florida businesses have asked us about a standard premium discount that our insurance carriers apply to their workers’ compensation policies. In the premium summary section of the policy documents, this discount will show up for insureds that pay over 5,000 dollars a year for workers comp insurance. It will be marked as a percentage […]

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