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Video: Workers Comp Policy & Florida Law

Short video explaining how the workers’ compensation policy documents in Florida are so short because they reference the Florida 440 Statutes dictating how the insurance will respond in a workers comp claim.

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Part Six – Workers Comp Policy

PART SIX — CONDITIONS A. Inspection We have the right, but are not obliged to inspect your workplaces at any time. Our inspections are not safety inspections. They relate only to the insurability of the workplaces and the premiums to be charged. We may give you reports on the conditions we find. We may also […]

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Part Five – Workers Comp Policy

PART FIVE — PREMIUM A. Our Manuals All premium for this policy will be determined by our manuals of rules, rates, rating plans and classifications. We may change our manuals and apply the changes to this policy if authorized by law or a governmental agency regulating this insurance. B. Classifications Item 4 of the Information […]

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Part Four – Workers Comp Policy

PART FOUR YOUR DUTIES IF INJURY OCCURS Tell us at once if injury occurs that may be covered by this policy. Your other duties are listed here. 1. Provide for immediate medical and other services required by the workers compensation law. 2. Give us or our agent the names and addresses of the injured persons […]

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Part Three – Workers Comp Policy

PART THREE OTHER STATES INSURANCE A. How This Insurance Applies 1. This other states insurance applies only if one or more states are shown in Item 3.C. of the Information Page. 2. If you begin work in any one of those states after the effective date of this policy and are not insured or are not self-insured for […]

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Part Two – Workers Comp Policy

PART TWO EMPLOYERS LIABILITY INSURANCE A. How This Insurance Applies This employers liability insurance applies to bodily injury by accident or bodily injury by disease. Bodily injury includes resulting death. 1. The bodily injury must arise out of and in the course of the injured employee’s employment by you. 2. The employment must be necessary […]

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Part One – Workers Comp Policy

PART ONE WORKERS COMPENSATION INSURANCE A. How This Insurance Applies This workers compensation insurance applies to bodily injury by accident or bodily injury by disease. Bodily injury includes resulting death. 1. Bodily injury by accident must occur during the policy period. 2. Bodily injury by disease must be caused or aggravated by the conditions of your employment. The […]

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General Section – Workers Comp Policy

Workers compensation coverage is the only insurance policy whose terms are not described in the policy, but are defined in the state statutes. As an employer, it is still very important to have accurate details on the information page of the policy. The next section of the policy is the General Section and the terms […]

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