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Return To Work: 5 Steps For Employers

1) Clarify Medical Status Contact your claims examiner or the doctor to determine what exactly are the employee’s medical needs and medical restrictions. Does the employee have temporary restrictions that prevent performance of the regular work duties? 2) Evaluate Your Work Processes “Think Task, Not Job” Although many of your current “jobs” may require tasks […]

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Details of Return-to-Work Programs

The actual process of returning an injured employee to work begins when the physician releases the employee. Frequently, the physician only provides the insurance provider or the employer with the return-to-work date. Written clarification to the employee of the return-to-work date must be made by the carrier/employer. When the verification has been sent on when […]

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Return-To-Work Programs

An employer’s involvement in workers’ compensation is extremely important. This involvement takes many different forms. However, the most important involvement begins when the treating doctor releases the injured employee to return to work in some type of modified work or employment without limitation. Only the employer can make a difference as to whether or not […]

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