Class Code 3574 Rates & Quotes

Adding Machine Manufacturing NOC

Class code 3574 is used for employees that engage in work related to the manufacturing of office machines, specifically those that add, compute, voice record, or typewrite. Because of the level of intricacy involved in the assembly of these products, the work may involve some form of drilling, wiring, soldering, and securing. Stamping of castings, machining, and plastic molding may be required as well, if not outsourced to others. Finally, painting (either by dipping or spraying) and drying of the products would also be included. Other machinery manufactured within the scope of this class code includes cash registers, speedometers, sewing machines, taximeters, air pressure or steam gauges, gas meters, slot machines, or other bench assembly related work, not otherwise classified.

Because this is a NOC classification, the scope will also include the manufacture of small arms (.50 caliber or less). Examples of weaponry that will fall into this category are pistols, shotguns, light machine guns, and rifles. Both the manufacturing and assembly of complete cartridges for these small caliber guns are also allowed. These may be armor piercing cores and jackets for ball or armor piercing bullets. Those manufacturing cartridge cases only or businesses that do not manufacture at all (only charge cartridges and load) are excluded from 3574.

Florida Rates for Class Code 3574

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2020 Rate: $0.98

2019 Rate: $1.12

Each workers' compensation class code in Florida has a unique rate assigned to it based on the likelihood of workplace injuries for the group of employees throughout the state that are assigned to that class code. Click this link for more information about the ratemaking process. The rates used in Florida workers comp insurance are adjusted annually by the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation.

The 2020 rate for class code 3574 is 0.98 dollars for every 100 dollars of remuneration.

Despite the manual rates being set by the Florida government for workers comp class codes, there are still ways that employers can lower their overall workers compensation costs and total premium. Our insurance agents would like the opportunity to discuss these premium discounts and other cost savings measures with your business. Contact us today to receive competitive quotes for your business.

Other Related Class Codes

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