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Class code 3632 is used for employees that work within a machine shop, not otherwise classified. This may include both the manufacture as well as the repair of machines and general machining jobs. Specific areas covered by class code 3632 would be auto jack manufacturing, repair work done to inboard/outboard motors, bomb cases (made from sheet metal or steel tubing), small engine repair, woodworking machinery manufacturing, axle unit assembly/manufacture/repair, and the repair of diesel engines used for generators. Examples of materials that may be used within the scope of this classification include rods, flats, metal castings, chains, sockets, forgings, bars, tubing, gears, angles, pipe/pipefittings, shaftings, pulleys, sheet metal, lumber, paint, and hardware. Processes used will vary by product but may involve things such as milling, drilling, bending, forming, riveting, welding, boring, planing, punching, threading, painting, inspecting, and testing.

Any machine shop that is considered an automotive shop is excluded from this classification. The only work that may be performed on automotive parts requires that the parts be removed from the vehicle by others. Other areas of work that are excluded from this class code include the manufacturing of ball or roller bearings, fuel injection devices, electrical apparatuses, gears, screws, springs, precision machined parts, tools, valves, plumbers supplies, and wire goods.

Florida Rates for Class Code 3632

2014 Rate: $4.71
2013 Rate: $5.44

Each workers' compensation class code in Florida has a unique rate assigned to it based on the likelihood of workplace injuries for the group of employees throughout the state that are assigned to that class code. Click this link for more information about the ratemaking process. The rates used in Florida workers comp insurance were increased in 2014 by an average of 6.1% by the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation.

For class code 3632, this rate change resulted in a 15.5% decrease from 2013 to 2014. The 2014 rate for this classification is 4.71 dollars for every 100 dollars of remuneration. With the decrease in rates this year, the 2014 rate is 51% below the 2003 rate of 11.10 dollars.

Despite the manual rates being set by the Florida government for workers comp class codes, there are still ways that employers can lower their overall workers compensation costs and total premium. Our insurance agents would like the opportunity to discuss these premium discounts and other cost savings measures with your business. Contact us today to receive competitive quotes for your business.

Other Related Class Codes

  • 3638 for ball or roller bearing manufacturing
  • 3581 for fuel injection device manufacturing
  • 3179 for electrical apparatus manufacturing
  • 3635 for gear manufacturing
  • 3146 for hardware manufacturing
  • 3400 for metal goods manufacturing
  • 3132 for nut or bolt manufacturing
  • 3113 for tool manufacturing
  • 3188 for plumbers supplies manufacturing
  • 3629 for precision machined parts manufacturing

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