Workers Comp Claims are Lasting Longer

The average duration of workers compensation temporary total disability claims benefits increased during the first half of 2011 in correlation with the struggling economy, according to NCCI Holdings Inc. In a report produced by NCCI, the average duration for temporary total disability claims with indemnity benefits was 149 days in the first six months of last year. That compares with 147 days in 2010 and 144 days in 2008.

Some sectors of business have workers compensation claims that last longer. These types of businesses tend to be something like roofing, where claims are typically more severe.

“Temporary total disability claim duration, like the unemployment rate in many states, did not drop right after the recession, but remains at a higher level than it was prior to the recession,” NCCI said in the analysis of 2.6 million temporary total disability and permanent partial disability claims in 45 states between 1998 and June 2011.

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