Advantages With Zenith Insurance

When discussing workers’ compensation insurance with Florida businesses, I often emphasize the importance of taking a long term approach to controlling premium costs by lowering the cost of claims. I typically recommend partnering with an insurance carrier that is committed to controlling the cost of claims and providing resources to your business that help you prevent workplace injuries. I believe Zenith Insurance Company ( is an industry leader in this approach.

Since 1977, Zenith Insurance Company has been a specialist in workers’ compensation insurance. They write coverage in 45 states and the District of Columbia. Zenith conducts business through independent agencies, like BearWise Landscapers. Zenith Insurance Company currently has an A.M. Best rating of A (Excellent). For the latest rating, access

They are experts at managing the claims process, getting injured workers back to work, and fighting fraud and abuse whether it relates to providers of medical goods and services or to individuals making false claims. Because of this extensive experience, Zenith leads the way in helping businesses with higher than average experience modifications. Their staff works together with your landscaping business to help reduce workplace injuries and improve their bottom line.

Here are a few of the valuable services provided to Zenith clients: