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The National Council on Compensation Insurance Inc. is based in Boca Raton, Florida, and manages the nation’s largest database of workers compensation insurance information. Their website is available at http://www.NCCI.com.

Operating on a not-for-profit basis since 1922, NCCI studies workplace injuries and other national and state factors impacting workers compensation to provide analysis of industry trends, prepare workers compensation insurance rate and loss costs recommendations, determine the cost of proposed legislation, and provide a variety of data products to over 900 insurance companies and nearly 40 state governments.

NCCI’s core services include:

  • Rate and advisory loss cost filings
  • Cost analyses of proposed and enacted legislation
  • Residual market management
  • Production of experience ratings
  • Statistical and compliance services
  • Maintenance of the workers compensation infrastructure of classifications, rules, plans, and forms

In addition to providing these services to the state of Florida, the map below is a convenient reference of states whose insurance departments have designated NCCI as the licensed rating and statistical organization.

NCCI National Council on Compensation Insurance

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