Workers Compensation Premium Credits & Discounts

In Florida, there are three premium credit programs available to employers to reduce the cost of workers’ compensation insurance. These programs need to be put in place by the business and then certified by their workers’ compensation company and the credit is applied to the policy’s premium. The business must also reapply for these credits each policy year. There is a brief description of each credit below and a link to learn more about putting the program in place for your business and the forms that you need to complete to be certified and receive the credit.

Safety Program Premium Credit

There is a 2% premium credit available for employers who have certified that they have established a workplace safety program that meets or exceeds the provisions provided for in Section 440.1025 of the Florida Statutes.

Certification is required for each year in which premium credit is permitted under this program and is based upon evidence contained in the file of the insurer at the time the credit is allowed.

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Drug Free Workplace Premium Credit

There is a 5% premium credit available for employers who have certified that they have established a drug-free workplace in accordance with rules as established by the Division of Workers’ Compensation of the Florida Department of Financial Services.

The premium credit is applied to the insured’s policy pro rata as of the date of receipt of certification by the carrier. Self-certification by the employer may be accomplished by completing Florida Form 09-1 and is subject to physical verification by the insurer.

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FCCPAP stands for the Florida Contracting Premium Adjustment Program. Employers in Florida with contracting classifications and a payroll composed of wages greater than $10.00 per hour may qualify for this additional credit ranging from 5% to 25%.

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