Safety Program Premium Credit

There is a 2% premium credit available for employers who have certified that they have established a workplace safety program that meets or exceeds the provisions provided for in Section 440.1025 of the Florida Statutes.

Discounts can also be received if an employer implements a safety program. The NCCI has promulgated rules relating to this premium credit. For employers to be eligible for safety discounts there must be a workplace safety program in place. At a minimum, the safety program must include a written safety policy and safety rules, and make provision for safety inspections, preventative maintenance, safety training, first aid, accident investigation, and necessary record keeping. Free safety consultation services and safety program resources are available as publicized by the Division of Workers’ Compensation on the Internet. You insurance carrier is also required to provide free safety consultations.

The safety credit is applied pro rata as of the date of certification and will be applied as a factor (.98) after any applicable deductible credits and increased limit factors for employer’s liablility, but before application of the experience modification and any other premium surcharges (including Florida Workers’ Compensation Joint Underwriting Adjustment Program (FWCJUA) surcharges), factors, Florida Contracting Classification Premium versely, a carrier may voluntarily impose a surcharge of up to 10% on the premium of a policyholder if that policyholder has been identified as having been required to implement a safety program but failed to do so. Safety discounts are not available to self-insureds for assessment purposes. Certification is required for each year in which premium credit is permitted under this program and is based upon evidence contained in the file of the insurer at the time the credit is allowed.

Safety Program Form